Our Story

Being a scuba diver made me witness the deterioration of the underwater world over the past 2 decades. The bleached corals covered in plastic, melting glaciers, mountainous landfills ….As I watch my children grow, I can’t help wondering how their world would be when they grow up. I’ve pondered for years, determined to make a difference but not sure where to start. It is a tough fight against convenience, egotism, and many other factors which most people, including myself, find hard to let go. Bit by bit, I researched and refined my family’s choices and lifestyle. There is no perfection in this game and I feel very small at times but I aspire to do more. Late 2019, I decided to end my 18 years of corporate career to delve into eco-entrepreneurship, exploring different business ideas related to sustainability.

I hope through EcoBonjour we can influence and advocate consumers towards eco-friendlier choices and lifestyle. On top of that, we would also like to help promote the environmentally conscious businesses that are focusing their efforts in bringing cleaner and greener products or services to the world.

Yen Raad