Earth Friendly Male Grooming Brands Available to UAE

Carbon Neutral Company Logo

Products:  Face Wash, Face Scrub, Shave Cream, Aftershave Balm, Cologne, Moisturizer, Men’s Supplement

What We Think:  92% of their physically processed agricultural ingredients (defined by COSMOS standard) are certified organic. Manufactured with herbs, botanicals, essential oils at eco factory in Dorset where more than 5% of electricity is powered by solar and 10% of the used water is recycled. This is topped up by 100% UK sourced renewable tariff and also choose 100% renewable electricity and gas for their stores. Certified Carbon Neutral and with an ethics score of 100/100, they retained their “For Life” certification for social responsibility. Committed to have all their plastics bottles made from 100% recycled material by 2025.

Where to Purchase:  UK brand carried by regional online stores


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There are quite a few considerations to determine if a product is truly beneficial or not. The prioritization of factors might differ from individual to individual. For example, is 100% organic more important than recycled packaging? We hope that the above information can help facilitate audiences to choose an eco-friendly product that suits their needs and meet their ecological standards. It is not always easy to verify all information so I prefer to choose products with certification so as to depend on a body or institute’s structure to keep these green product’s in compliance. The above lists starts with the top choices tried and tested by myself which are labelled Ecobonjour choice!. Subsequently, the brands and products with certifications will take precedence then followed by others.

As I continue with my research, I will add any new brands that come along and you are also welcome to provide suggestions by leaving a comment below or through our contact form so as to contribute in building a comprehensive directory together over time.

Last but not least, gentle reminder to exercise prudence in purchasing. Buying only what we truly need will help the earth conserve our limited resources.