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B Corporation
Platinum zero-waste by TRUE
RSPO Certified
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Products:  Laundry detergents, Fabric softeners, Washing powder, Bleach, Stain remover, Dishwasher tablets, Rinse aid, Washing up liquid, Bathroom cleaner, Limescale remover, All-in-one remover, Oven & Hob cleaner, Toilet cleaner, Floor soap, Hand soap, Cream cleaner.

Logistic & Shipping:  They have refill stations all across the UK and retailers in other parts of the world. (they encourage to buy from there). Otherwise, website shopping is the best route.

Ingredients & Content:  Plant-based ingredients — corn sugars and plant oils such as palm, coconut and rapeseed that are gentle, biodegradable and effective. Limiting palm oil usage.

Manufacturing Processes:  They use 90% recycled or renewable materials, with reclaimed wooden beams and strengthened European pine. They also have a "cleaning pig" — device that cleans pipes when changing the production line in the factory. They use less energy, less water and fewer materials to create cleaning products.

Packaging:  50% recycled polypropylene plastic caps. Ocean plastic bottle made from reused plastic.

What We Think:  Ecover only uses plant-based ingredients like corn sugars and plant oils. They've also created their own ocean plastic bottle that is so durable that it can be reused, unlike most plastic bottles. Not only that, their manufacturing practices help in reducing water usage, and reclaiming used natural materials like wooden beams. They have refill stations in the UK and are available locally in the UAE.

Where to Purchase:  Website & retailers (ASDA, Sainsbury's, Big Green Smile, Ocaso, Waitrose)

Brand Origin:  Belgium