Eco Friendly Product

Fairtrade Logo

Products:  Jackets, Pants, Skirts, Shorts, Pants, Sweatshirts, T-shirts

Logistic & Shipping:  Ships worldwide which contributes to its carbon footprint.

Ingredients & Content:  Organic cotton

Manufacturing Processes:  Their cotton is sourced from Kyrgyzstan and Uganda, where the farming practices support the local economy with fair wages. All their partners in Germany, Portugal, Kyrgyzstan, and Uganda are required to follow fair employment standards.

Age Group:  4 to 14 years old

What We Think:  A huge drawing point for shopping from Jackalo is that you can return your used Jackalo clothing to receive discounts. They also use organic cotton for their clothing, making them a part of 1% of global companies using this material.

Where to Purchase:  Dutch brand ships worldwide including UAE

Brand Origin:  United States of America