Eco Friendly Product

Fairtrade Logo

Products:  Shirts, Dresses, Sweatshirts, Bottoms, Nights

Logistic & Shipping:  Ships worldwide could mean that that could contribute to the carbon footprint but they cut their footprint by using recyclable materials for packaging.

Ingredients & Content:  Organic cotton

Manufacturing Processes:  They keep production limits at 50% to ensure ethical and sustainable practices—no wastage of materials nor products.

Packaging:  Eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable corn starch pouch.

Age Group:  Babies to 10 years old

What We Think:  La Queue Du Chat works exclusively with organic cotton producers only and keeps its production value at 50% to use energy effectively. Even their packaging efforts involve sustainable ingredients like corn starch which makes their processes. The only issue is they ship worldwide which could contribute to their carbon footprint.

Where to Purchase:  Website & Facebook

Brand Origin:  France