Eco Friendly Product

Ecobonjour choice!
Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold level certification
Forest Stewardship Council
Sustainability certified (Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI))

Products:  Sweaters, Jumpers, T-shirts, Shorts, Skiwear, Beachwear, Sleepwear, Innerwears, Pants, Shoes, Bags

Logistic & Shipping:  Shipped globally so could impact carbon footprint.

Ingredients & Content:  Recycled cashmere, Fibres from Forests, Fur Free Fur, Metals-stainless-steel and an aluminium alternative, Organic Cotton, Recycled nylon and polyester, Silk, vegetarian leather, and wool.

Manufacturing Processes:  Their supply chain is small with small workshops that specialise in specific techniques and processes.

Packaging:  Polybag packaging that is collected will be recycled and turned into new clear film plastic – creating a circular loop that reduces waste and the use of virgin resources FSC-certified paper Fashion for Good’s polybag collection pilot scheme, trialling the collection of clear plastic garment bags from our London store and sending them for recycling.

Age Group:  2 to 14 years old

What We Think:  Stella McCartney is one of the most popular sustainable fashion brands with a niche collection for children. They either source their materials from eco-friendly sources or recycle existing materials for their clothing. Since their production plants are small, it helps in curbing energy usage too. Using recollected polybag packaging, they're able to create a circular loop as these are recycyling these materials to reduce use of virgin materials.

Where to Purchase:  Website & Facebook

Brand Origin:  United Kingdom