Eco Friendly Product

Cosmos EcoCert
Forest Stewardship Council

Products:  Shampoo, Conditioners, Hair oil, Leave-in Spray

Logistic & Shipping:  Suppliers must sign a Code of Conduct based on the UN's guiding principles which indicates that they take active efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. They are also part of the Midsona Group and are also actively working to reduce their carbon footprint to be in line with the Paris Agreement.

Ingredients & Content:  Some ingredients include Aloe vera, Coconut oil, Hyaluronic acid, Jojoba oil, Lavender, and Shea butter—all-natural and organic.

Manufacturing Processes:  They produce as resource-efficiently as possible, recycle most waste, and inevitable waste is sent to the local biogas plant to become renewable energy. They also use 100% renewable energy for electricity, heating and cooling.

Packaging:  Plant based plastic (sugar cane plastic), packaging can be recycled as plastic

What We Think:  They make use of ethically sourced ingredients and their manufacturing process completely relies on renewable energy. Urketam also makes use of recycled plastic for its packaging making them a holistic eco-contributor. They're one of the highly-rated products we found in our research.

Where to Purchase:

Brand Origin:  Denmark