Eco Friendly Product

UK Cert
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Products:  Oils, Shampoos, Conditioners

Ingredients & Content:  Natural ingredients: Fruit, vegetable, herb, and seed extracts, Diamond powder, Fullers Earth, Goat Milk, Honey, Heena, Kokum butter, Silver dust, Essential oils, Silk, Nuts.

Manufacturing Processes:  They're a GMP-certified facility which means that they source their ingredients ethically and also care for the environment during their production process.

Packaging:  Minimal packaging but they haven't specified how that works or what the materials are.

What We Think:  Some of their ingredients are truly unique such as goat's milk, diamond extract, silver dust, kokum butter, and more. Their products are produced in a GMP certified facility meaning they partake in responsible production practices. As their products are well known for hair improvement, they're accredited by many international organizations like EUROCERT and UKCERT. This makes them an excellent choice of brand for organic and natural hair care products.

Where to Purchase:  Main website, Amazon

Brand Origin:  India