Toxic in Hair Care Treatment and Products

Toxic in Hair Care Treatment and Products

I was born with thick rough hair with natural curls that always seems to end up in the wrong directions. Before I discovered the “Rebonding” treatment during my university days, I never let my hair down because it was wild like a lion’s mane and too hot for tropical weather of Singapore. “Rebonding” was a god send and many years later the Keratin treatment was the icing on the cake for me. My hair is always colored to brown or copper tones to suit my autumn skin. The variety of hair treatment allowed me to enhance my looks and build confidence for pageants, modelling, etc. I chose to turn a blind eye to the harmful effects of chemicals in hair treatment or products until one of my regular hairstylist was diagnosed with cancer. Memories started crawling back on the articles I read on cancerous Formaldehyde released by hair care products and the unbearable smell and irritation to the eyes during my last Keratin treatment. It didn’t take long for me to connect the dots.

Many chemicals used in hair treatment or products are harmful to both health and environment. I’ve listed some of the most common toxins found in many hair care products and their effects on us and environment.


Parabens – Can cause irritation, reproductive issues and neurotoxicity. 


So… what options do we have? 




In UAE, organic and environmentally friendly hair products or services are not as accessible as in the developed world. However, there are still a handful of brands available and more will come if consumers starts demanding for it. Different people have different ecological and ethical standards and as with many other industries, there is quite a bit of greenwashing. I’ve listed below the brands that I’ve come across in my research that can be purchased or delivered to UAE along with their information on the 4 main consideration factors – (1) Ingredients (2) Manufacturing and processes (3) Packaging and (4) Ethical and Social contributions. Hopefully, this will help audience to select a suitable brand that meets their hair care needs as well as eco-conscious and ethical expectations.

As I continue my research, I will add any new brands that come along and you are also welcome to provide suggestions so as to contribute in building a comprehensive directory over time.