A Daily Resource to Eco-Friendlier Living

At EcoBonjour, we strive to share our ideas and information on becoming an eco-friendlier citizen in United Arab Emirates. The objective is to inspire and facilitate readers to jumpstart or enhance an eco-conscious lifestyle. We welcome any suggestions and contributions to make this online resource as complete and useful as possible.

Realistically, there are no perfectly clean and green products. Energy will be used, there will be wastage and remnants. The idea is to look for brands or companies who try creative ways to make products leaving a smaller footprint on our earth, such as products made with mostly natural ingredients, using clean energy, recycled packaging, etc. Every individual’s  environmental and ethical standards might be different and can be very subjective. EcoBonjour presents the various options that we have come across and highlight some products/services that we have tried and recommend. Audience can use their own judgement to pick what suits them most. 

In order to sustain this planet we are living in, there’s plenty to be done and no time to lose. Every effort counts from individuals, local communities, multi-nationals, governments, NGOs, etc. I look forward to connecting with other like-minded eco individuals and organization to help and support each other in this never-ending journey.